African Entertainment Awards Nomination Process

The A.E.AWARDS Planning Committee invites the public to submit names of those they wish to nominate for the award categories. Nominations are made online and a hard copy of the nominees will be sent to the Planning Committee between April and May. To ensure the eligibility of those nominated by the public, review sessions will be held by entertainment experts to thoroughly assess whether or not the nominees fit for the award category for which they’ve been nominated.Upon completion of the official nominees list, the general public is again invited but this time to vote during the voting timeline, from August 1st through August 19th.

Each member of the Voting (judges) Panel will receive a copy of public votes to study it and give his/her input as well as agreement and personal vote for each category. Thus, the nominee with the most votes from both the public and the Voting Panel, which consists of 50% of the public votes and 50% of the judges in a given award category, will be the winner of that award.

The Voting Panel members are impartial and select winners solely based on quality and consistency of the product for which the award will be won. Hence, their views are not biased, neither influenced by personal affiliation and preference of any sort. The acceptance of gifts and incentives is strictly prohibited. Members are urged to vote in a manner that preserves the integrity and professionalism of the awards.

nomination process

The A.E.AWARDS Management.